Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One of the reasons many women and men want to work from home is to stay home with their children, usually with their pre-school children. But older children and teens may need even more support these days with their academic and activities' demands (not to mention the potential for all kinds of "trouble" that can occur in a home with no adult supervision!). It can be especially hectic to work from home with children of any ages, but here are some helpful tips from parents who do:

*Involve your children when possible. When her four children were at home, Patricia C. Gallagher (, MBA and professional speaker, says to involve your children so they really feel they are contributing, and celebrate with them when something special happens in your business.

*Try to keep to a working schedule so your children will know when you are and are not working. Have a sign posted or a signal they know that means you are busy at the moment.

(excerpt, 101 Best Home-Business Success Secrets for Women) be continued.

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