Friday, October 21, 2011

“Hot” Jobs May Be Leads for In-Demand Businesses;

“Hot” Jobs May Be Leads for In-Demand Businesses;

A tip for starting a business is to see what industry and types of jobs need employees. For example, a feature described how there is a shortage of chemical engineers…and especially a need for truckers ( Thus, if you have experience and training in chemical engineering, for example, you might consider being a consultant; or conduct your own independent studies; or in being a long-short haul trucker, you might start your own trucking company.

Stay updated with the jobs in demand by taking note of “hot” job news stories, government occupational jobs’ outlook, and trade and industry reports. Then see how you might create a business based on the demand for these services and-or products. Depending on your present skills and knowledge, you may need extra training and-or schooling to start a business.
If you are creative with phrases, illustrations, and-or photography, look in designing your own apparel and other products using Here are a tie and a t-shirt I designed for my son, a biologist; and my friend who raises Monarch butterflies.


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