Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recent family matters highlighted needed services

Two recent family matters highlighted several needed services:

1) Dog DayCare; Pet Boarding; Pet-House Siting:  Our son adopted a dog from a shelter, but as he is not married, he did not want to pen the dog up all day while he was at work. He discovered a nearby dog- daycare facility not far from where he lives that he plans to take his dog when he is at work.  If he travels for work and will be away, we plan to house-dog sit for him; as my husband and I are able to carry on our work, as long as we have access to the Internet. But our son could also hire a professional pet-sitter if we were not available.
Thus, if you love pets and have a background in pet care-training, starting one of these pet-related businesses on your own; or investing in a franchise is something you might consider.

Here are some related links:**
**Note: These links are not an endorsement of their products-services. Be sure to consult your financial, legal and other experts before signing any contracts or opening a business.

***Please note, too, that associations are usually networking and informational organizations; and do not necessarily have business start-up information. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you are corresponding to them via postal mail.

*DogTopia -
*Fetch! Pet Care -
***National Assn of Professional Pet Sitters -

2) Hospital Hospitality House: While my husband was recuperating in our hospital, I picked up a brochure about a nearby hospital hospitality house. The homeowner offers rooms to relatives of hospital patients at reasonable rates. I was fortunate that I could stay overnight with my husband in his room; but in some instances this is not possible for patients' relatives. Thus, a house like this is an excellent option with its homey atmosphere; reasonable rates; and meeting others whose relatives are also hospitalized.

With work experience or training in the hospitality industry, and the availablity of a suitable house that is close to a nearby hospital, this is a business idea for you to explore.

Please, note that many of these hospital hospitality houses are not-for-proft; and meant to help families, not to profit from their circumstances. Consult with business experts and attorneys as to the operations you prefer to implement.