Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Integrating Home and Work Space (continued)

...continuing the last blog entry...

*"Spend some time planning how you will use your time, and always allow for the unexpected by scheduling 'just-in-case time,' says one home-based working mother of several children. She suggests to help eliminate stress caused by attempts to balancing parenting and money-maker roles, that you concentrate on time management and planning.

*Realize family "emergencies" can happen any time and disrupt your business schedule. Prepare for this with back-up plans and building in some extra time to complete a project.

*Take breaks with your family. Depending on the age of your child, take periodic breaks to eat lunch, take a walk, play a short game, or do some other one-on-one activity with them.

*"Do not forget why you are home in the first place," says another home-based mother. She says to take time with your children and significant other. "They grow up so quickly, and you can never have yesterday back. Live today to the fullest." One parent often takes turns taking her daughters to lunch or shopping, one-on-one time.

to be continued...