Thursday, August 18, 2011

U. S. Factory Tours; Made by U. S. Companies.

A relative of my husband’s loves to visit factories wherever she travels, especially those that are (1) free; and (2) offer product samples. These tours are an excellent marketing tool for these companies; plus it helps to support companies that make and produce items here in the U. S.

In middle school, one of our class trips was a tour of the candy company, Hershey Chocolate. They no longer have these, but instead have turned it into a ride, “Hershey’s Chocolate World,” located just outside the Hershey Amusement Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

My husband, friends and I visited the Yuengling Brewery in April. A fun, short tour ending with a cup of free brew or soda.
We also enjoy a local cable network, “PCN Tours,” featuring local businesses and manufacturers in Pennsylvania:

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Friday, August 5, 2011

FEATURE INTERVIEW: Eva Asmar - Bionée Certified Organic Maternity Skin Care

1) What inspired you to start your business (es)?

What inspired me were my pregnancy and my experience in product development at international cosmetics companies.  While pregnant with my first child I was unsatisfied with the products available to me on the market.  With 10+ years of experience in the industry I knew there was more out there that I could offer women like myself. 

2) A brief description of your business (es)?

Bionée is an organic certified skin care brand dedicated to mothers, moms to be and babies. We strive to provide safe and efficient products for women and their children.  Our skin care line is divided into 3 categories: Pregnancy, Motherhood and Baby.

3) Your most effective method(s) of promoting your businesses?

I believe that if you have a good product there is no need for actual promotion in its strong sense. I truly believe that moms are savvy and very educated about what is safe for their babies and themselves, and they share that knowledge with other moms! Bionée offers the safest and most indulgent ingredients in the market, so it’s only a matter of trying the products to be convinced about its effectiveness. We are also becoming a player in the direct selling industry where ‘playdates’ become opportunities for sharing knowledge about healthy beauty care and Bionée’s products among moms!

 4) Your best customers?

Women, Mothers, Moms-to-be, and children!

5) What do you consider your best business achievement?

My best business achievement is the great feedback I’m receiving from other moms that introduced Bionée into their beauty routine. I also consider an achievement the fact that moms are very serene about applying these gentle ingredients on their babies and on their own skin, and seeing children playing with the lotion and loving the fragrances!

6) What do you like about being a business owner?

As an entrepreneur and work at home mom I love the freedom of being able to make my own schedule so that I can spend more time with my son Gabriel and prepare for the new baby that is on the way, as well as build my new business!

7) Do you have a business success tip in tough economic times?

There is nothing more important than being close to your customers; at Bionée we rate our success by building friendships and relationships with other moms through our playdates. We are also in contact with mom-bloggers, and we try to assist at and attend every mom event we can! I am pregnant with my second child at the moment so I perfectly understand future moms and young moms. I relate to them and they relate to me. There is nothing more important than to understand the needs of your customers and their purchase behaviors:  where she shops, what she eats, what she does in her free time, where she buys diapers from, etc...

8) Do you have a favorite business-building idea(s)?

At Bionée we say “Become who you are” and do not force yourself into roles imposed by others. My business building idea to share, is that you have to know the market you are entering well, inform yourself and evaluate issues that your products may face, be prepared! But most importantly I believe that every successful entrepreneur has to be an expert in his/her domain as well as a good business person. My past experience in the beauty industry was a key factor in the success of Bionée.

9) Do you wish to add any additional comments or tips for our readers?

My tips for a new entrepreneur would be - Be patient because things will happen if you work hard!  And be passionate to inspire others and make them follow you!

10) Goals for your business in 2011 and beyond?

Right now we are trying to bring together moms who want to be part of our adventure and become an entrepreneur like me!  We are currently enlisting passionate mothers and women to join our “Advocate” program ( to promote our products through “educational playdates”.  In the next year we would like to grow and expand this program.  We also have 11 new products in the making that we hope will hit the market soon!

11) Your Name, name of business, web site, other?

Name: Eva Asmar

Business: Bionée Certified Organic Maternity Skin Care

Website:, Facebook:, Twitter:, Blog: