Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Business?**

What Business?

Most businesses ideas are either product- or service-based. If you are recognized as an expert in your field, becoming a professional consultant is another entrepreneurial option you might consider. Having work, volunteer, or hobby experiences in the industry of the business idea that interests you increases the chance of your business’ success. Home-ventures are also either performed on-site (your home’s office, garage, basement, or other area); in clients’ homes (like cleaning or professional organizing); or with a combination of these.

Make a list of business ideas that interest you and research information and talk to others in related industries to see if a future market potential exists for your proposed venture(s). Are there enough potential customers ready to hire or purchase from you to justify your starting a particular enterprise? Often businesses that solve a problem or that save or make people money tend to have the best success rates. The good news is that no matter where or what your business is there are common operational tasks that you can fit in between your day job’s work.

Visit libraries for home business idea books, attend business expos and search the Internet for small business forums, and business idea web sites for ideas. Be aware of the rise of work-at-home business scams. Visit for questions to ask before investing in any home business opportunity. See also my book: "101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women, 3rd ed

** Previously published “Sneak a Start-Up!” in the October, 2009, issue of HOME
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