Monday, September 20, 2010

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Personality?

Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people. They have a self-confidence and charisma that distinguishes them from others. They are non-conformists and tend to ask many “whys” and “why nots?” and love it when they are told, “it will never work!” or even “You’re crazy!” They enjoy the challenge entrepreneurship provides them and are driven to succeed. Here are some additional entrepreneurial characteristics:

*Risk-Taker – Entrepreneurs are generally non-conformists with courage to try something that they (or others) have never tried before.

*Self-Motivator – Entrepreneurs are self-driven to take the steps necessary to achieve their personal and business goals. They have that “never give-up” determination and high energy to put in the hours they need to succeed.

*Unafraid of Failure – Statistics reveal that it often takes as many as three attempts to start a business before one succeeds. Entrepreneurs know that failure itself is not bad. Instead, they learn from their mistakes and persist until they succeed.

*Willing to Ask Questions – Entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask the questions until they find the necessary answers. They never stop learning!

*Entrepreneurs Love Their Businesses! – Whenever you talk to business owners, there is an enthusiasm and energy that emanates from them. You can hear it in their voices and observe it in their movements.

Every new business faces obstacles and challenges that can be overcome only by long and hard efforts; but for the entrepreneur, the rewards can be plentiful. It is worth a consideration.

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