Thursday, January 31, 2013

Success Secret #17: Training and Staying Current

SUCCESS SECRET #17: Get the training and education needed for your home business.

If you worked in the corporate world before, most likely you had to attend on-going training sessions and seminars, but with your home business it is your responsibility to keep up with the training you need to stay competitive in your business or even to get your business going. One woman was turned down repeatedly when she approached medical offices to start a medical transcription service business. "They looked at me like I was crazy when they found out I had no training, so I enrolled in local classes at a local business school. After I completed my course, every medical office I solicited contracted with me!"

Where to Get Training and/or Education Needed for Your Business

*First, ask yourself what skills or training do you need to help you improve the quality or production of your services—basic business management? marketing? computer software training?

*Match your needs to the resources that are available to you and that you can afford. Here are some suggestions:

--Small Business Development Centers and Women Business Centers offer seminars, conferences, small business management certificate programs, and workshops. See

--Community Colleges and adult evening schools may offer computer and business classes.

--Industry trade shows offer speakers and demonstrations.

--Chambers of Commerce and other relevant business organizations design many learning opportunities for business owners.

--Others include home study programs, online courses, video and audio cassette tapes, CD-ROMs, and instructional manuals.

--For "free training," get a part-or fulltime job or volunteer in the industry that you would like to have a business.

Also subscribe to at least one industry publication which will help you keep abreast of the latest advances in your field. One smart woman business owner says, "Savvy entrepreneurs never stop learning. Whatever your plans, be assured that information is developed today for the one-person operation just as it is for big business. Knowledge of your subject always give you the (competitive) edge, so go for it!"


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