Friday, July 23, 2010

Why, "No Thanks! I'll Work for Myself."

Why my blog, “No Thanks! I’ll Work for Myself.”? One of the primary reasons I started this blog was to provide an alternative for those who want a better quality of work-life than their present circumstances can provide. For example, a relative of mine was downsized out of her job last year and cannot find a job paying the same rate that will enable her to meet her basic bills and support her family. She was employed by the company for over fifteen years and worked up to her present pay rate; but with the present recession, and only a high school education, no other company will hire her at the rate she had when she was let go. She has started a senior (non-medical) services business, making an hourly rate higher than her former job.

Another example: A young woman, with a degree in market research discovered her boss was taking credit for her work; so she left and started her own business. It took her five years to build her client list, often working two part-time jobs to pay her bills; but now she is able to work full-time doing work she loves.

There are many other reasons entrepreneurs start their ventures, and with my blog, I plan to feature self-employed women and men and their success stories. Working for yourself has its own challenges and I do NOT promise that you will be “making millions.” I will strive to be as realistic and honest as possible. Being self-employed is not for everyone or even possible for many.

Other features I will be adding in this blog:

*Chapters of my previously-published books (updated, of course) to which I have the rights:
*101 Best Home-Business Success Secrets for Women
*101 Best Small Businesses for Women
*More 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women

*Resources for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals and professionals.
*Guest blogs.
*Current news for home-based business owners; small business owners; self-employed women and men.
*Entrepreneurial trends.
*Business ideas.
*Avoiding business scams.
*Q & A from my blog followers (anonymous, if preferred)

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